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IMPORTANT: The training on the site has not yet been updated for the new version of Office 365 release 2/25/2013. If you purchased Office 365 before that date, this training is applicable.

Day 1 with Office 365 end user training is now immediately available. There are 20 videos and 2.50 hours of high value, big impact  training covering the Home Portal, Outlook, Outlook Web App, and Lync Online and SharePoint Online.   See the Course Content on this page for details. New subscribers will be notified when new content is posted. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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 Specifically Designed for End Users  

  • Presented in clear, non-technical language
  • Packed with demonstrations and practical advice     
  • Pre-recorded lessons (8 min avg) - take at
    your own


Topics Covered In This Class

  • Your first Login
  • When to use the Office 365 Portal
  • Using Outlook Web Access for web based email
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Booking a conference room
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Sending text message alerts to your phone (where permitted)
  • How Outlook works with Office 365
  • Editing Office documents in a browser
  • Checking documents in and out of SharePoint Online
  • Tagging a document to be notified when it changes
  • How to open a cloud document without leaving Word
  • How publish documents you need to Outlook for easy access
  • How to conduct an Online Meeting
  • Transfer files using Lync 2010
  • Share desktops or other applications using Lync Online

And Much More
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Day 1 with Office 365 - End User Training
Lesson 1 Welcome to Office 365!
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Course Contents

Topic 1 – Welcome to Office 365

In this brief introduction you will meet the Office 365 services and lean how you connect to each. 

Topic 2  – Connecting to Office 365

How to manage your first login. Includes a discussion of Office 365 Passwords and password policy. You'll lean how and when to use the Office 365 Portal and few tips and tricks along the way.

Topic 3  – Working with Outlook Web App
6 Lessons on Outlook Web App that take you though some common, and not well known but very useful capabilities. These lessons introduce key concepts such as the Global Access List and Free/Busy scheduling. There’s an entire lessons on how to create public groups (distribution lists) and many other tips in this series designed to get you moving quickly with Outlook Web App.

Topic 4  – Outlook and Office 365
This series of 3 lessons (32 mins) answers the question “Now that you have Office 365, what can you do with Outlook. Highlights include how to setup meeting requests using Free/busy calendar information, share calendars, and use Lync Online for presence and sending online meeting requests.

Topic 5  – Working with SharePoint Online and Office 365
Most people want to know “What is SharePoint anyway? We answer that question then show you the how you can quickly and easily make use of SharePoint Onlines’ most popular features.In many cases, you don’t even need to leave Word to work with you SharePoint Online word documents.  Features include publishing to SharePoint document liboraries, checking documents in and out, version control, connecting lists and libraries to Outlook, and of course Office Web Apps!

Topic 6  – Working with Lync Online

Lync Online is the one service that most people know least about yet has the power to provide big productivity benefits. In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the Lync 2010 client for instant messaging people in and out of your organization, flag a contact for status changes, add a picture to your Lync contact card, make Lync phone calls and use video as well. In addition, an entire Lesson is focused on how to produce an online meeting.