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You have the P1 plan but need some help getting it setup?

We can help. Contact us about assitance with setting up your custom domain, desktop setup, mail migration and, of course, some training on how to best use Office 365.  

Small Business & Professionals - Q2 2012

End User TrainingGet productive right away with Office 365 for Small Business and Professionals (Plan P).


    This class is packed with actionable, relevant, useful information for non-IT savvy business owners. You will not find this information elsewhere! Learn to setup and use the best, most productive features of Office 365 in clear, straightforward language accompanied by step-by-step demonstrations.

    We’ll show you how to:

    • Transfer a domain
    • Migrate your mail
    • Create users
    • Setup your systems to use Office 365
    • Use Office and SharePoint Online together
    • Host online meetings
    • and much more!

    Instead of sitting through long lectures, learn what you want, when you want, via these short, focused topic specific demonstrations. With the best practices and practical advice taught in in this course, you'll be productive right away with Office 365.