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Partner Affiliate Program



Offer End User Training as part of your Office 365 Sale!

As an Office365training.com affiliate, you'll provide low cost,  high quality end user training  for your customers using our online videos. By answering their questions and demonstrating how to use the services, you're customers become immediately productive resulting in fewer calls to your desk  and improved customer satisfaction.

     After you apply and are approved, our site can issue URLs tied to your account that allow access to the training. The student simply clicks on the URL and is directed to a landing page co-branded with your logo and contact information. There is no cost to join and no minimums. You purchase seats at a  substantial discount for each student. Your customers enjoy a high quality learning experience, while you relax and focus on building a rock solid business. 
    Apply now for our partner program!

    Questions? See the Partner Affiliate FAQ on this page or contact us 

    Office 365 Training Partner Program FAQ

    Q: Can you give me an example of how the program works?
    First you apply for the program on the Partner Registration page. There is no costs. We will confirm that you are an  Office 365 partner and contact you to see if there are any questions or ways we can help integrate our program with yours. Once setup, let's say you sell Office 365 to a customer with 30 seats. Simply login to Office365training.com and click "Purchase Seats". After the purchase, click on "Assign Seats".  On that page you 1) create the company and 2) assign the seats to the company. You will immedatily be issued a URL that you can send to your client valid for 30 user registrations.  Optionally, upload your company logo and provide a welcome message that appears during their registration. 

    Q: How much does it costs to join?

    Q: What is the minimum number of seats I need to purchase for a discount?

    Q: Are there discounts for more seats?
    Yes. Discounts for 50 or more seats are available. You can also pre-purchase seats for the greatest value.

    Q: Is the training co-branded?
    Yes. You can upload your logo, provide a custom welcome message that appears when users register, and add custom contact information that users see when they take the training.

    Q: Is the training live or pre-recorded?
    Users watch pre-recorded videos. There is nothing to download.

    QHow long do customers have access to the training?
    90 days from the time they register, or 90 days from the time we post the completed course content, whicever is later.

    Q: Will customers be billed automatically for renewal?

    Q: Can you do the training live and online?
    Potentialy. Contact us with questions.

    Q:  Do you do administrative training
    Not at this time.

    Q: What if there is some kind of problem? Who does the customer contact?
    A: If there are technical problems with the site, the customer should contact you first, but we will respond to questions if received. We would prefer that you forward issues to us so that the line of communiction with your customer is clear - they are your customer and we don't want to be the first point of contact without your knowledge. The only exception to this is the "Ask the instructor" feature in the training where students can ask us questions about Office 365 that arise during the training.