Whether you are a student or part of an organization that needs to train one person all the way up to your whole company, the MessageOps Office 365 Training platform is the ideal solution.

  • SharePoint Tutorials24/7 access to over 2500 on-demand training clips to encourage learning anytime, anywhere
  • Office 365 EducationIncludes Office 365 Adoption platform with how-to’s, videos, quick start guides, and Level I & II self-service help desk
  • SharePoint TutorialsApply what you learn quickly with downloadable starter guides and cheat sheets
  • Office 365 EducationIntuitive learning portal access for both end-users and administrators is easy to use
  • SharePoint TutorialsAssessments and visual data reporting for administrators to track and realize ROI
  • Office 365 EducationGamification and Certificates of Completion encourage learners to hit goals

Choose your number of users and we’ll calculate your cost. You’ll save up to 60% compared to traditional trainings. The more users you have, the bigger the discount!

Not sure the MessageOps Office 365 Training Center is right for you?

We’ve still got you covered. Custom Fit Training from MessageOps makes it easy to design your own Office 365 education and training program, one that compliments your organizational culture, team members, and goals.

Our training experts will work alongside you to customize a course curriculum and delivery method that meets the unique needs of your organization. Whether you need on-site or virtual training, MessageOps delivers.

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