The 10 Must-Have OneDrive Training Courses

By: Michael Stein | May 25, 2017

If you’re not leveraging the benefits of the OneDrive file sharing platform in Office 365, then you’re not making the most of your investment.

One of the benefits of moving your organization to the cloud is the ease with which we’re able to collaborate and share information. Microsoft OneDrive allow users to securely store data in the cloud and share it with anyone they choose. Our customers often tell us that they find OneDrive to be the most powerful part of the Office 365 platform, for both its ease of use and strong security. With OneDrive for Business, any organization can instantly take advantage of Microsoft’s massive years of experience in the cloud computing arena, and we can help get you started.

Useful OneDrive training courses for you and your team members

If you’re relatively new to file sharing, or have never worked with OneDrive, we would suggest that you browse some of our Office 365 OneDrive training courses, which are sure to give you the background that you need to hit the ground running when you decide to begin using this versatile platform. Below are just a few classes that the Office 365 experts at MessageOps have put together focused solely on OneDrive training.

  1. Getting Started – This course will give you the general knowledge you need to begin to see the virtually limitless opportunities in a tool like OneDrive.
  2. Creating Files & Folders – Easily create files and folders that can be stored securely in the cloud.
  3. Uploading Files – No longer do you have to rely on your existing computer’s hard drive; simply upload files to OneDrive and never have to back them up again.
  4. Syncing Files to Your Computer – Download the OneDrive client for your computer and save files to your OneDrive account through native file managers in Windows or OSX.
  5. Sharing Files – One of the key benefits of OneDrive is the ability to share files with others securely.
  6. Moving & Copying Files – Get the basics of moving and copying files from your OneDrive account to other storage mediums.
  7. Following Documents & Creating Alerts – Learn about the alert functionality built into OneDrive that allows you and your team members to be alerted when certain user-defined actions take place.
  8. Performing a Smart Search – With Smart Search, you’ll easily be able to find the data that you need regardless of where it resides in your OneDrive storage account.
  9. Opening & Editing Documents – With OneDrive you can open and edit documents just like you would on your hard drive, while remaining confident that your data is protected in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure.
  10. Using Version History – If multiple people are working on the same document, keeping track of changes can be difficult. OneDrive offers built-in version history that allows you to see what data has changed and revert to a previous version in the case of an error or data loss.

Dig into our OneDrive training courses today 

The courses above are just the start of all there is to learn about OneDrive. Make sure you and your team are taking advantage of all its power and productivity with our comprehensive training platform, available for all Office 365 apps. Start your 7-day free trial today.



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