What the Top Microsoft Training Video Platforms Have in Common

By: Michael Stein | August 24, 2017

Use this guide to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft training video platform.

When it comes to training your employees on new technologies such as Office 365 or other Microsoft products, you have quite a few options to choose from. You can choose to hire a trainer to come into your office and walk your staff through the material, or you can elect to utilize online training to allow you and your employees to further their Microsoft knowledge on their own terms.

What to look for in a Microsoft training video platform

When you’re looking for the best Microsoft training video platform, try to answer the following questions to ensure you’re choosing a solution that will be beneficial for your organization.

What makes a training platform effective?

While there’s no one size fits all approach to training, it’s important that the platform you choose have a variety of different training materials and delivery methods in place to ensure all types of learners are represented.

At MessageOps, our Office 365 Training platform offers both recorded content that can be accessed 24/7 as well as live weekly training sessions that allow your employees to ask the tough questions that may not have been covered in the recorded content.

How do you get people more engaged in learning?

There are a variety of strategies when it comes to engagement related to training platforms. You can offer incentives, as well as ensure that decision makers in your company are also taking the time to participate in the training. This modeling lets everyone within the company see the importance of training as a tool to further their careers.

With our Microsoft training video platform, we’ve taken user engagement to an entirely new level. We offer a robust gamification platform that allows users to set goals, and administrators to track these goals to spur engagement. By using gamification techniques, you can make training more fun than simply inundating employees with content that may or may not interest them.

It’s all about the quality of the content

You can try all sorts of strategies to make a training platform more effective, but it all comes down to the quality of the content. It’s important to choose a platform that has engaging, and high quality content that will keep your employees interested and focused on improving their skills.

Our Office 365 training platform has literally thousands of courses covering everything from Office 365 administration to a beginner’s guide to Microsoft Windows. Whatever type of need you have related to the Microsoft ecosystem, our training platform likely has a training course to help you further hone your skills.

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