Essential Microsoft Excel Training Courses

By: Michael Stein | June 23, 2017

MessageOps Experts Share the 10 Most Widely Taken Courses

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application in the world, and while it offers a whole host of features for seasoned number crunchers, it can be incredibly useful to just about anyone in your organization.

Proper and continuous Excel training is key to harnessing the power of Microsoft Excel, which is why MessageOps’ highly successful Office365 Training platform offers more than 400 Excel training courses geared at transforming you from a novice to an experienced spreadsheet wizard.

We have worked with thousands of Office 365 users and have found that the classes below are the most-taken courses from our Excel curriculum. If you’re looking to start Microsoft Excel training for your team, these are must-haves all users need to know.

  1. Getting Started – If you’re green to the world of Excel, this course will teach you the ropes to ensure you know your way around a basic spreadsheet.
  2. Exploring the Ribbon Tabs – Microsoft refers to parts of the navigation menu as the Ribbon. This course will introduce you to the tabs that are available on the Ribbon within Excel.
  3. Exploring the Home Tab – Learn about the Home tab, which houses most of the formatting options for your spreadsheet such as font, alignment, format, and themes.
  4. Exploring the Page Layout Tab – The page layout tab controls orientation, page size, margins, page breaks, and much more.
  5. Exploring the Formulas Tab – Formulas are some of the most powerful features of Excel. Easily compute complex mathematical formulas to make easy work of all types of financial reporting.
  6. Exploring the Data Tab – The data tab is somewhat advanced and allows users to create pivot tables, apply complex filters, and connect to external data sources.
  7. Exploring the View Tab – The view tab simply controls the presentation of both your data as well as the Excel application itself.
  8. Working with Templates – Many Excel users like to work with templates because they can cut down on the need to correctly format each spreadsheet. If you’re creating similar spreadsheets on a regular basis, it may make sense to create templates for these situations.
  9. Understanding AutoFill – With AutoFill users can have data be automatically filled into spreadsheet cells based on user defined settings. This is extremely helpful for repeatable data such as dates and chronological numbers.
  10. Using AutoSum – The AutoSum function allows users to quickly add up the totals of selected cells.

Master Excel with the help of MessageOps

Thanks to our Office 365 Training courses, your team should have no problem mastering some of the key concepts of Excel. We offer 24/7 on-demand courses, on-the-go guides and admin portal access to ensure everyone is on the right path. To begin learning the power of Excel, sign up for a 7-day free trial of our Office 365 Excel Training platform today.

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