Essential Training Courses for New Office 365 Admins

By: Michael Stein | May 18, 2017

Overwhelmed about how you’re going to administer Office 365? We’ve got you covered.

Based on our experience with thousands of Office 365 users like you, our team has put together 10 Office 365 Admin training courses to get you moving in the right direction.

Are you new to Office 365? If so, you’re likely excited about jumping on to this cloud platform, but you may also be intimidated by all the Office 365 apps at your fingertips. While utilizing Office 365 can truly be a game changer for your organization, it is important that you migrate to the platform with an end goal in mind.

One of the first suggestions we give our customers is to go through several Office 365 training courses to get a sense of the versatility of the platform. With more than 100 on-demand courses in our Office 365 Training Platform, we’re well positioned to ensure you and your team transition seamlessly to Office 365. Here, we’ve highlighted just 10 courses that we think are virtual requirements for new Office 365 admins.

  1. Getting Started – A general overview course that introduces you to the Office 365 platform and showcases a variety of features useful for enterprise customers.
  2. Navigation and Feature Overview – Having trouble finding certain functionality or apps within Office 365? This course is for you, as it gives a general overview of navigation and features of many of the top Office 365 apps.
  3. Setting Up Users – There’s little doubt that most of your employees will be excited about migrating to Office 365. This course covers how easy it is to add users within the platform.
  4. Reset User Passwords – Whether your user accounts are hosted on your own server, or in the cloud, you obviously need to have easy access to reset passwords. This course covers performing password resets in Office 365.
  5. Enabling Multifactor Authentication – Using multifactor authentication has become a standard security precaution for many businesses, and with Office 365 enabling it is as simple as the click of a button.
  6. Working with the Exchange Online Admin Center – The Exchange Online Admin Center allows you to manage email settings across your entire organization.
  7. Working with the SharePoint Online Admin Center – This course introduces you to the SharePoint Online Admin Center, where you can manage your company’s intranet and other private files and resources.
  8. Working with the Skype Online Admin Center Learn about the versatility of Skype for Business and how it can be used not only for video conferencing and chat within your organization, but full PSTN phone service as well.
  9. The Office 365 Online Roadmap – This roadmap course gives you a general overview of the platform to identify areas in your business that can leverage the power of a cloud-based platform such as Office 365.
  10. Connect to Exchange Online Using Remote PowerShell – Microsoft’s command line tool, PowerShell has long been used to control on-premises instances of Exchange, but now IT admins can connect to Exchange Online using a remote version of PowerShell to give them the same versatility they’re used to with on-premises Exchange servers.

Learn more about Office 365 training offerings

As you can see, the few courses listed above are just the start of the wealth of information that is offered in our Office 365 Training portal. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and and start leveraging the power of Office 365 in your organization today. We’re always excited to provide this massive amount of training material to new customers so they can begin to unearth the true potential of Office 365.

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