How to Import Gmail Messages into Office 365

By: Michael Stein | September 24, 2017

Easily import existing Gmail messages into your Office 365 mailbox.

If you’re looking to migrate your Gmail messages into Office 365, don’t be intimidated. The team at MessageOps has put together a robust guide on how to ensure you can seamlessly move your email from Gmail to Office 365.

How to import email into Office 365 from Gmail

Below are steps to move your Gmail account to Office 365:

  1. Make sure Gmail is setup to connect to Outlook – The first step in moving your Gmail account data over to Outlook is to ensure that 2-step authentication is enabled within Gmail and then create an app password that will be used by Office 365/Outlook to make the connection to your Gmail account.
  2. Add your Gmail account to Outlook – To add your account to Outlook you’ll want to navigate to File – Add Account and input your Gmail address and password (or the app password that you set above) and choose Next. Once this sync takes place, your Gmail data will be in your Outlook mailbox directly underneath your Office 365 mailbox.
  3. Copy your Gmail messages to your computer – Now that you’ve added your Gmail account into Outlook, all of the data is residing in what is called an Outlook Data File (.pst).

 a. You’ll now want to export this data from Outlook into its own .pst file. To achieve this, go to File –       Open & Export – Import/Export.

b. Next, you’ll want to choose Export to a file and select a file type of Outlook Data File (.pst).

c. You’ll then want to select your Gmail account and ensure that Include subfolders is checked to download all your email.

d. Finally, you’ll want to Browse to a location where you can save the file.

4. Copy your Gmail to Office 365 – Now that you’ve downloaded all of your Gmail messages to your local computer, you can use Outlook again to import this data directly into your Office 365 mailbox.

a. Navigate to File – Open & Export – Import/Export and select the option Import from another program of file.

b. Next, you’ll want to choose Outlook Data File (.pst) as the file type.

c. You’ll now want to browse to find where you saved the .pst file from Step 3. At this step, you’ll also be asked how you want to deal with duplicates.

d. Now you’ll be prompted to select the folder where you want the messages to be imported. Be sure that you select the name of your Office 365 mailbox here.

e. The process of importing your email into Outlook can take hours, so be sure to keep this in mind. Also, if you shut down or disconnect from the internet, the process will stop and restart the next time you have a valid internet connection.

Still have questions about moving your Gmail messages to Office 365?

If you’re still unsure of how to properly move your existing Gmail messages to your Office 365 mailbox, the experts at MessageOps can help. In fact, we offer a robust Office 365 Training platform that provides a wide array of on demand video content as well as live training sessions as well that cover all the major Office 365 apps, including Outlook. Schedule a 7-day free trial of our platform and start leveraging the power of Office 365 today!

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