New Features You’ll Love in Outlook 2016 for Mac

By: Michael Stein | September 6, 2017

Check out a slew of new features added to Outlook 2016 for Mac that show Microsoft’s dedication to all platforms.

If you’re like most employees, Outlook is the first thing you open each morning and the last thing you close down before the end of the work day. We all spend lots of time answering and composing emails, so it’s important that we know all the ins and outs of whatever email program we’re using. Microsoft Outlook is by far the most popular email client in the workplace and is quickly gaining ground in the Mac community as well. This is largely due to Microsoft’s focus on not only constantly updating Outlook 2016 for Windows, but Office 2016 for Mac as well. We’ve put together a useful guide showcasing some of the features that have recently been added to Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Read and delivery receipts to help track your emails

If you’re sending a lot of emails each day, it may be important to be notified when certain ones have been delivered and/or read. Outlook for Mac now offers full support for read and delivery receipts.

Delay the sending of emails

Occasionally you may have some downtime and want to craft an email, but want to delay when the email is actually sent to the recipient. Outlook for Mac now has a Send Later feature, allowing you to write an email now, but schedule it to be delivered at a later date and time. This feature can be accessed by clicking the drop-down next to the Send button and clicking Send Later.

Support for email templates

If you send the same email to multiple people, it may make sense to create a template for future use. Outlook 2016 for Mac now allows you to create and save a message as a template and reuse it whenever you would like. See Microsoft’s recent article that discusses templates in Outlook 2016 for Mac in depth.

Streamlined account setup process

In the past whenever you setup a new account in Outlook for Mac, you would be asked a series of questions about the type of account (e.g., Exchange, Office 365, IMAP or POP). This process was confusing for many, which is why Microsoft has now added functionality to automatically detect the type of account you’re adding just based on your email address. This should streamline the entire setup process for many users.

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