Why Office 365 Training Can’t Be a One-Time Affair

By: Michael Stein | August 30, 2017

Has your Office 365 training content gone stale? If so, we can help!

Technology is at the heart of almost every task we do, so it’s critically important for you and your employees to stay abreast of the latest software and tools that can help propel your organization to the next level.

One tool that has been growing in popularity over the past few years has been Office 365. This productivity suite that includes a wide array of desktop and web based applications is constantly expanding, and new applications are being released all the time. It’s important that you and your team have the proper training in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Office 365 investment. Below are just a few of the reasons why an ongoing training platform can be beneficial.

Benefits of ongoing Office 365 training

At MessageOps, our Office 365 training platform is consistently being updated and can be immensely helpful for organizations looking to leverage the many tools available inside Office 365. There are a number of reasons why ongoing training makes sense for organizations using Office 365.

The platform is always changing

We’ve touched on this before, but it’s so true – Office 365 is constantly changing. If you looked at all the of the different applications available 1 or 2 years ago, it would be much different than today. This means that Microsoft is consistently adding value to the platform, but it’s important to ensure your team is able to utilize that value with the proper training.

Varying learning styles

Another important component of ongoing training like the MessageOps Office 365 training platform deals with different learning styles. While many online training programs focus on recorded content, we understand that live interaction is also important. We offer weekly training sessions to answer any questions you may have related to any of our training materials. We also have a large library of prerecorded content that allows you to learn at your own pace, knowing that you have the support of our team if you run into a stumbling block of any kind.

Roles of your key personnel will likely change

If you hire top quality talent, chances are that they’ll move up within your organization. While this is beneficial, it can also create some large holes that need to be filled with new personnel. In addition, roles and responsibilities can change, which creates the need for additional training. With an ongoing Office 365 training program in place, no matter if the roles and responsibilities of key personnel change, you’ll always be able to offer training to ensure they hit the ground running in their new position.

Interested in learning more about the MessageOps Office 365 training platform?

If you think you and your team could benefit from a highly interactive, ongoing Office 365 training platform, sign up for a 7-day free trial to get a taste of the versatility of our tools and see for yourself how your organization can keep growing and learning.

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