Why On Demand Video Training for Office 365 is Better with Weekly Live Microsoft Training Classes

By: Michael Stein | July 14, 2017

Can a combination of on demand and live Microsoft training classes online provide a more comprehensive learning experience? 

There’s no doubt that on demand video training is incredibly beneficial for many organizations. In fact, with the global e-learning market poised to hit $325 billion by 2025, it’s clear that this style of learning is here to stay. While on demand video training for Office 365 is extremely convenient and useful, there are still situations where live Microsoft training classes via online can be beneficial.

On demand learning offers a host of benefits such as 24/7 access, lower costs, a more comfortable learning environment, and a more convenient learning style, but being able to interact with a live instructor definitely has its pros.  As experts in Office 365 and Windows, MessageOps understands the importance of both on demand and live training, and delivers these as part of our Office 365 Training platform.

A weekly live training component is key to success with online learning initiatives

Below are just a few of the reasons live training can be a beneficial aspect of a well-rounded e-learning initiative.

  • Highly adaptive – With live training, an instructor can mold their teaching style to the needs of the participants. This allows the students to receive a more personalized style of learning as opposed to recorded, one-way content.
  • Immediate feedback – If a certain module is too confusing, students can quickly ask questions and get immediate answers.
  • Networking – Depending on the style of live training, students may be more apt to network with other students, which can foster beneficial relationships.
  • Constantly evolving – Live training allows students to receive the latest technologies and strategies, while on demand content needs to be updated on a regular basis, especially in areas where innovation is constant.
  • Some students need face time – Depending on a student’s learning style, they may need face time to stay motivated and get the most out of the learning material.

MessageOps Office 365 Training platform offers the best of both worlds.

At MessageOps, we’re confident that our Office 365 Training platform offers the benefits of both on demand video training as well as live training. We offer more than 1,000 on demand courses, but also offer a weekly live training component to ensure our students can ask any questions they may have, or dig a bit deeper into certain topics they’re struggling with. We’ve found this model to be beneficial for all learning styles, and have received rave reviews from the companies that have used our training platform within their companies.

Interested in learning more about Office 365 training?

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