Do You Really Need Office 365 Training, or Is an Easy to Use Video Knowledge Base the Answer?

By: Michael Stein | November 6, 2017

Is training material hosted on a video knowledgebase effective enough to drive adoption within your organization?

Deciding whether or not it makes sense to invest in training for your employees can be difficult. Sure, the internet is full of all types of tutorials related to topics such as Office 365, but the question remains: are your employees really going to take time out of their busy schedules to consume content that may be available online, but may or may not be sufficient in terms of helping them learn about Office 365? Microsoft is constantly releasing new features and apps for Office 365 and so it’s critical that any training materials you consume are up to date.

Some organizations may simply think that some type of video-based knowledgebase would be enough to help their employees master the ins and outs of Office 365, but at MessageOps, we think this isn’t always the case.

MessageOps Office 365 Training Platform

MessageOps offers a robust Office 365 Training platform that includes a wide array of video content as well as live training to ensure your employees are able to consume the material in a way that caters to their individual learning style.

Why static video content isn’t enough

In the past several years that we’ve been developing and updating Office 365 Training, we’ve found a number of problems with the standard approach of using a video knowledgebase to handle your training needs. Below are just a few of the reasons why we feel strongly that organizations need a much more robust approach when offering Office 365 training to their employees.

  • Updates are critical – If you’re using a basic knowledgebase that’s available internally, or through some sort of external site, how can you know that the content is always up to date? Office 365 is constantly changing, with new features added nearly every month. Our Office 365 Training platform is constantly updated to reflect any new changes in the Office 365 ecosystem.
  • On demand content may not be enough – Sure, on demand video content has its place when it comes to online training, but it often isn’t enough. We’ve found the most success at combining on demand video content that can be accessed 24/7 with live weekly training sessions that allow users to ask pointed questions about any of the material they’ve consumed.
  • Who’s really consuming the content? – With a basic video knowledgebase full of content, how are you to know who is actually consuming the content that you’re providing? The short answer is that it’s virtually impossible. With our Office 365 Training platform, you’ll have access to robust analytics about who is using the platform as well as what courses they’re taking and completing. This data can help to unearth critical information about the training needs of your organization.

Ready to give our Office 365 Training platform a try?

If you feel as if your current training solutions aren’t working, reach out to our team today to schedule a free 7-day trial of our Office 365 Training platform. We’re confident that both you as well as your employees will be impressed with the level of detail that we’ve put into each and every one of our courses.

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