The Secret to a Successful Office 365 On Demand Learning Platform

By: Michael Stein | January 31, 2018

Are your employees leveraging the power of Office 365? If not, learn how online training may be the answer.

You know that your team could benefit from some type of Office 365 training, but you’re not sure how to go about connecting your employees with a training resource. Well, if that’s one of the dilemmas that you face as you look to grow and scale your organization, we have a robust solution thanks to the online based Office 365 Training platform from MessageOps.

Keys to a successful Office 365 on demand training platform

In our quest to develop a high quality online training platform, we’ve come up with a few items we feel are vital to the success of any tool that is going to be used to disseminate educational material to your employees.

On demand as well as live training components 

While the online training ecosystem has exploded over the past decade or so, online learning should not be a complete replacement to how individuals have learned for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s important for students to have access to a large library of on demand content that can be accessed 24/7, but having some form of a live training component can be beneficial as well.

At MessageOps, we offer massive amounts of online course material, but we also have live weekly training sessions that allow individuals to ask very specific questions that may not have been covered in the online materials. Some people simply learn better by interacting directly with an instructor while others are fine to consume online materials. We feel it’s best to cater to all learning styles to ensure our Office 365 training materials are as beneficial as possible.

Make online training fun again!

Too often organizations force their employees to listen to massive amounts of training material that is both dry and unengaging. This can lead to boredom and lack of user adoption. Our experts have built gamification directly into our Office 365 Training platform, which allows you to assign rewards for completing certain course material and even issue certificates of completion to create a bit of competition among officemates. Gamification is becoming more popular as organizations look for ways to keep employees more engaged, and our training platform has this built-in functionality.

Spoiler alert – there really is no secret!

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned after designing and implementing an Office 365 training platform, it’s that there really is no secret when it comes to developing high-quality content. It really is about the quality of the content and the user friendliness of the platform. If you’re using a solution that features top-notch content as well as a platform that is accessible across all devices, you’ll likely have success in getting your employees engaged.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial

If you’re interested in testing out our Office 365 training platform firsthand, sign up for a free 7-day trial today. You can try out all the features as well as the content that has so many companies excited about the opportunities that exist once their employees begin to fully harness the power of Office 365.

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