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Our robust Office 365 Training platform offers a large number of videos and courses aimed at helping you master OneDrive within your enterprise.

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Learn how to use OneDrive so you can streamline file sharing and get you files from anywhere, on any device. The MessageOps training platform leverages the power of Office 365 to deliver OneDrive tutorials that cover every aspect of this file sharing platform from the most basic to complex. OneDrive allows organizations of all sizes to instantly leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud to share files with internal or external individuals and companies.

OneDrive vs. SharePoint comparison matrix

Also, if you are wondering when to use OneDrive and when to use SharePoint, we put together a side-by-side OneDrive vs. SharePoint comparison matrix that can assist you. View the comparison matrix.

Training Options

Our OneDrive training courses ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by the number of features available with this powerful cloud-based file hosting platform. Below are a few of the reasons our Office 365 Training platform continues to be applauded by our clients.

  • Onedrive tutorials

    Live OneDrive Training

    While you’ll instantly have access to hours of on-demand content, you’ll also be able to participate in live training sessions to answer your toughest questions.

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    Constant Updates

    In today’s tech age, static content can quickly become stale. At MessageOps, we’re constantly updating our OneDrive training modules to include new features.

  • onedrive tutorials


    We’ve found gamification promotes user adoption across organizations, and is fun all at the same time.

  • how to use onedrive

    24/7 Access to OneDrive Tutorials

    Whether you prefer to learn on the job, or at home at your own pace, our training platform gives you 24/7 access to all OneDrive training materials.

OneDrive Training Courses

Browse our wide array of OneDrive tutorials and videos that should be applicable regardless of your skill level.


  • 1: Getting Started
  • 2: Creating Files & Folders
  • 3: Uploading Files
  • 4: Syncing Files to Your Computer
  • 5: Sharing Files
  • 6: Moving & Copying Files
  • 7: Following Documents & Creating Alerts
  • 8: Performing a Smart Search
  • 9: Opening and Editing Documents
  • 10: Using Version History
  • 11: Getting Started (Personal OneDrive)

OneDrive for Business

  • 1: Getting Started
  • 2: The Web Interface
  • 3: Using Windows Explorer
  • 4: Using the iPad App
  • 5: Using the Windows 8 App
  • 6: Using Searching
  • 7: Sharing a Document
  • 8: Syncing Your Documents
  • 9: Following a Document
  • 10: Managing Document Privacy

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